We specialize in high performance digital marketing consulting that will help your business not only standout online but also deliver actual business results. We use web analytics to build a customized, data-driven marketing strategy that suits your business goals and helps you compete.

Our Strategy

We help our clients achieve exceptional results by defining your business goals (KPIs), finding the most valuable opportunities, and executing each component at the highest level. We develop a unique digital marketing strategy tailored to your challenges and business goals. We have the experience you need to overcome obstacles and grow. The web is ever-evolving. We work hard to understand what is coming next and adapt our strategy and your business to be ahead of the curve. We want to work with you and are proud to build cost effective internet marketing solutions. With dedication to our clients and keen attention to detail throughout all phases of the project, we take pride in providing our clients with highly functional and beautiful websites and digital marketing campaigns tailored to your business needs.

We strive to drive business to your site. We are experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEM (Paid Google Search), Email Marketing, Display Marketing, Web Analytics and all things digital. We are skilled at increasing qualified organic search (un-paid google) volume, improving social media presence, and developing paid marketing strategies that are cost-effective and lead to more targeted usage and conversions.

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We specialize in:

  • Search Engine Optimization / SEO: Use one of the most valuable digital marketing resources to your advantage. Increase your presence in Google search without ad spend. We have the ability and technical know-how to make you a formidable presence on Google.

  • Google Analytics: Analytics is the backbone to all digital marketing and online business. To truly optimize and grow you must first understand. It is our first order of business to understand and, if necessary, clean your data so we can best act on what your users are telling us. Your customer’s story is told in your data.

  • Email Marketing: Users on your email list are your best users! They want to be in-the-know about your business! This means a lot and at Triptych we love email marketing!

  • SEM / Paid Search: Do you have difficulty with, or are intimidated by, Google Adwords? If so, we can help. We have the experience to increase your spend efficiency and increase your ROI. Our methodology is to establish large scale tracking strategies based on definitive KPIs, then leverage the advanced technology and conversion optimization strategies that we are experts in to match your return to your business goals.

  • Display / Paid Media: Whether you hate them, think they are intrusive, or don’t care, display ads are a great medium for getting your name out to the broader internet.

  • Social Media Marketing: Let’s face it, if you are online you are on social media. So, is your audience! We can help optimize your social media campaigns and strategy to get the most reach.